A career implies a steady progression up an organisation culminating in getting to a desired level, be that Managing Director, running your own business or some level below that.

A career in reality is nothing more than being able to earn a living by working. What that work is, is entirely down to the individual.

There are some typical careers;

  • Graduate trainee, rising through an organisation or series of similar companies to Managing Director.
  • Went to medical school and became a Doctor then specialised in hearts.
  • I loved photography so much I did it professionally.

The truth is, for most people their career paths have just happened as the vast majority are unclear about exactly what they want to do.

Therefore not having a clue is a very normal situation to be in.

The first step in discovering the career for you is to understand more about yourself, what motivates and interests you. From there you can understand what career options are best for you.

When asked most people can only think about a narrow or limited range of options.

The reality is there are tens of thousands of possible careers so don't be constrained by what you know now or what people want you to do.